We had the pleasure of shooting aerial sequences with Blacksands. The first location out on the West Coast was super windy but by having a larger Octocopter in a coaxial configuration and MoVI stabilising system underneath we were able to complete the required shots.Not all drones are created equal, small and cheap machines come with many limitations.

Not all drone teams are created equal either. We are the most experienced in New Zealand having flown and filmed all over the country and in many situations.

Here’s what our clients are saying:
“We have used several aerial operators in the last year and Matt and his team at Virtuoso have the best and most professional equipment which resulted in superior images. The MoVI unit and the GPS lock feature was unbelievable in 8 to 10 knots of gusty coastal wind.”
James McDonald, Media Balnco

“The Virtuoso team are an increasingly cost & time efficient way of achieving aerial filming just when you thought that it would be impossible from cost & location perspectives. The ability to get into the air has been a tremendous attribute to the overall style & look of our Mitsubishi ‘Outlander’ spot. Thanks guys, we’re looking forward to your technical developments & we’ll be sure to use you again soon.”
Scott Donaldson, Flying Fish

Click the thumbnail below to view the commercial:

Click the thumbnail to view the commercial.
Early morning light.
Poised and ready.
Ready for takeoff.