Q. What flight times can you achieve?
A. Flight times are generally around the 10min mark – depending on the payload. We have plenty of sets of batteries and a generator for charging in the field, so we can fly all day if required.

Q. How is the helicopter powered?
A. The helicopter and all its systems are electric powered. So it’s very quiet and no fumes! Gotta keep our carbon footprint down.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes! We take safety very seriously but in the event of a mishap we have Aviation insurance that covers us for public liability and medical.

Q. How many people in your team?
A. We are a two-person operation for safety. We have a pilot and a cameraman.

Q. What size digital file do you provide for 360 degree flat panorama shots?
A. Using our most common lens, our 360 degree flat panoramas yield an industry leading resolution of 22,568 x 4368 pixels. This is the equivalent of a 98.5 megapixel image. This ultra high resolution image allows for large format printing useful for marketing displays, banners, and other large visual presentations.

Q. What type of cameras can your platform support for aerial video?
A. Typically we shoot with the Sony FS-100 & Canon 550D. However if there is a particular camera that you need to use please contact us and we can discuss fitting it to our helicam.

Q. How can I best use your Aerial Tour technology?
A. Past clients have used our unique Aerial Tours to showcase future views of developments by implementing the use of large LCD screens within their offices. This allows buyers to visualise precisely what the view will be from any unit and engages buyers in an exciting interactive display. Additionally Aerial Tours are extremely useful in marketing luxury properties where buyers are worldwide. Our Aerial Tours really bring the property to the prospective buyer in a way that conventional photographs cannot.

Q. Can you travel nationally and internationally?
A. Yes. We have a travel case for the helicam and have got it down to $40 in excess baggage.